• Q How do I find out which umbrella is best for me?
    There are a number of different variables to consider when choosing the right umbrella for your needs. They include the fabric, the frame, the strength and performance needed, and the climate the umbrellas will be used in. You should do the best you can to find out as much information as you can about the performance needed before looking at our selection.
  • Q Why should I buy from Logobrella™ over some other umbrella suppliers?
    Logobrella™ is one of the largest patio umbrella manufacturers in the world. We are the original producer of all of our frames. This allows you to buy factory direct, without the extra middle-men involved. At our domestic facility, we stock a much larger selection of frames than anyone else in the industry, and we can print on any of the umbrellas we make. Our factory has supplied most of the largest vendors, and you can now buy direct from our factory, through Logobrella™. All orders over 300 pieces are made direct at our factory, and we guarantee no one can offer our models for less than we can. With over 38 years of experience, you can trust that we will do your job right, at the lowest costs available.
  • Q What are the different printing methods used?
    We use one of three methods when printing on our umbrellas: silk screen, heat transfer, or four color process. For most orders under 300 pieces, we use screen printing or heat transfer applications, depending on the customer’s needs for that particular job. For any image or picture that contains gradients, or vivid imagery we would use heat transfer or four color process.
  • Q What is the difference between promotional and premium umbrellas?
    There are 2 basic parts to each umbrella: the frame and the fabric. Promotional umbrellas would consist of our value priced frames combined with a low cost fabric (Polyester, Olefin, or Vinyl). Promotional frames are designed for seasonal use. Commercial grade frames use the highest quality materials, and are designed to last for years. For instance, a hotel or restaurant owner would want to use a commercial grade umbrella, whereas, a liquor company may want a promotional umbrella to promote their brand for a specific period of time.
  • Q How can I use umbrellas to better promote my brand?
    Logo umbrellas are the perfect way to promote your brand to the world. They increase the aesthetics of any outdoor environment, and can also be used indoors as a center piece inside a grocery store for a liquor or snack display. Almost all outdoor seating areas use umbrellas to protect customers from the sun, why not add logos to them to increase brand awareness? Some of the many uses for logo umbrellas include hotdog and vending carts, beach front areas, hotel seating and poolside attractions, restaurants, amusement parks, sporting events, stadiums, etc.
  • Q Why would I want to use Pacifica over Sunbrella fabric?
    Pacifica is a great alternative to Sunbrella. It has a 4 year warranty, and is 20% – 30% less in cost. Pacifica is available in 20 premium colors, and many of these are virtually identical to Sunbrella.
  • Q Why is there a significant decrease in cost, for orders over 300 pieces?
    Almost all orders over 300 pieces are made direct at our parent factory overseas. This eliminates storage and labor costs that are involved in making the same umbrellas in California.
  • Q What can I do to sell more umbrellas?
    Be sure to discuss all the different ways an umbrella can showcase and promote a brand. Contact us to learn more about how each model can be a useful shade solution and promotional tool for all the different applications you deal with. Take advantage of our specials, marketing materials like our brochures, and our knowledgeable staff. The more you know about the benefits of our umbrellas, and how to quickly create an order, the more our products can help your business.